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ResurFX Laser Resurfacing

What is Lumenis ResurFX™ Fractional Resurfacing?

The ResurFX fractional laser is a state-of-the-art, non-ablative, skin resurfacing technology. Non-ablative means it does not destroy or ablate the skin cells, while fractional means it is only affecting a fraction, or small percentage, of the skin. So a benefit of ResurFX is that you are able to get great results with minimal recovery time. This fractional laser stimulates the production of new collagen and elastic fibers in the deeper layers of the skin. Stimulating new collagen production is the key to a more radiant, youthful looking skin. With the ResurFX technology we can achieve excellent clinical results over a sequence of treatments, while keeping your comfort maximal and downtime minimal.

Which conditions can be treated by ResurFX?

Is fractional resurfacing right for me?

You are likely a good candidate for ResurFX treatments if you are looking for subtle brightening and evening of skin tone and texture. Acne scars, pigment problems, age spots, lax skin, fine lines, and wrinkles can all be improved with Lumenis ResurFX. This procedure works gently over time, delivering subtle improvements with each treatment. Those who are looking for natural results and are willing to invest time treating their skin are ideal candidates for this procedure.

How do I prepare for treatment?

No exposure to sun or tanning beds for five weeks prior to treatment. This is essential as permanent discoloration of skin may occur. Also discontinue any retinoid products five days prior to treatment. We suggest you wear or bring a button down shirt so as not to pull anything over the face or across the body area being treated when changing clothes.

What happens during the treatment?

Your skin will first be thoroughly cleansed. We will apply a numbing cream for mild discomfort which you may feel depending upon the targeted area. Discomfort levels vary from patient to patient, and for various treatment areas. Mostly, patients experience mild stinging and tingling during the actual treatment. Please ask your practitioner if you are concerned about your comfort level. The treatment itself only takes about ten to fifteen minutes. The total treatment time may take 45 minutes or more, with some of the time allotted for the numbing cream to take affect. We will provide you with post-procedure care instructions as well.

When will I see results?

The Lumenis® ResurFX™ treatment works with your skin to stimulate deep collagen regeneration over a sequence of treatments. Typically, one to three sessions are needed for significant improvement in the skin texture and fine lines. Optimal results are achieved after three to five sessions in four to five week intervals. However, you will continue to see improvements for up to six months following the treatments.

How long will the improved skin appearance last?

The results are lasting, but the aging process doesn’t stop so you will notice that the effects will gradually fade over time. 

We suggest that you plan on about one treatment per year to help maintain the rejuvenating effects of Lumenis ResurFX.

Can this treatment be used as part of a combo therapy?

Yes! The Lumenis® Photofractional™ system is a complete skin rejuvenation solution, enabling us to offer you remarkable results on a range of skin aging concerns such as age and sun spots, vascular lesions, uneven texture and skin tone. This unique rejuvenation technology includes two treatments: IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and ResurFX™, so that both skin tone and texture may be treated during the same session. Please ask your practitioner about this combination approach during your complimentary consultation.

The Science Behind Lumenis® ResurFX™

The ResurFX laser is a non-ablative laser, meaning it stimulates the skin to develop collagen without harming any tissue. As collagen grows, the skin looks tighter, more even, and more youthful. ResurFX is also a fractional laser, meaning the laser light that is delivered to the skin is divided into “microcolumns”. Unlike other fractional devices, ResurFX requires only one pass over the skin to produce effective results, reducing treatment time, and discomfort. The device allows for highly customizable treatments so we can adjust factors such as laser beam shape, size, density, and energy strength to fit each patient’s precise needs.

Is it Safe?

Developed by a pioneer of aesthetic medicine and trusted by leading professionals around the world, the ResurFX™ is FDA cleared. The ResurFX™ technology is clinically validated to gradually achieve noticeable results, with minimum downtime. However energy-based treatments are not suitable for everyone and carry some risks. A consultation is necessary to confirm that a fractional laser treatment is right for you.